Judasim Timeline

·         Judaism was started in 2000 BC in the Middle East by a man named Abraham who was the founding father of Judaism and was the first Jew

·         Abraham moved his people down to Canaan that God promised they will inherit

·         Abraham grandson Jacob made his family move to Egypt by selling one of their numbers into slavery

·          Moses freed the Hebrew from slavery in Egypt

·         Moses led his people on a journey called the Exodus and on the way found the Ten Commandments

·         When Moses finally got to Canaan he took back Canaan


The Holy Books of Judasim

**This is important!**

Like other religions, Judaism has a Holy Book too!  In Christianity, their Holy Book is the Bible.  It is one book filled with sixty-six books.  The Holy Book of Islam is the Quran.  The Holy Book of Judaism is called the Tanakh.

"I give you . . . .the Tanakh"

This is the Tanakh.  Inside the Tanakh is the “Torah”.  “Torah” means “Teaching”.  The Torah teaches and G-d and the people of Israel and what they learned about G-d from their experiences. 

The Ten Sayings are the Most Important Commandments receive directly from G-d on Mt. Sinai.  This is one example:                    

                                                 “Be Holy, for I, The lord you God, am Holy.”  -Leviticus 19:2

In contrary, however, the Torah contains 613 commandments.