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You should know, people who are in the religion are called Jews, or: Jewish.  Anything that pertains in Judaism
is called Jewish.

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Some basic facts that you WANT and potentially NEED to know. 
Tenets: is monotheistic-belief in Justice and Righteousness; adherence to rules and commandments from the scripture

The Supreme Being of the Jews:  G-d.  ( Jews do not spell out the full name as it is considered too Holy)

Jewish people worship in places called Synagogues.

The Theme of Region:  Abraham was considered the Father of this Faith;  It was founded in present-day Israel,  around 2000 BCE.

The theme of movement:  Jews do not seek to convert people, but they have spread across the world through Diaspora.

Star of David

This is a six pointed star.  To make it, you draw a regular three-pointed triangle and draw it again, but this time, upside-down.  It is also called the “Magen” of David.  In Hebrew, this means “Shield” of David.  The star is a symbol of unity.  The triangle within the star that points upwards is a symbol of good deeds that reach the heaven and attract goodness to the world. This attraction of goodness is symbolized by the downward pointing triangle.Some Kabbalists say, the six points represent the absolute rule of God over the universe in all directions. The north, south, east, west, up and down are all under one God's rule. It may also symbolize the dual nature of good and evil and should be used to protect one against evil spirit.

The other meaning of the Star of David indicates that the overlapping stars represent the relationship between God and Jews. The star pointing upwards represents God and the star pointing downwards represents people on earth. The six sides and the center represents the six working days and hexagon at the center represents Sabbath. It may also mean the twelve sides on the triangle that represent the Twelve Tribes.

Other Names of G-d

Jews do not say the name God because they believe it is too Holy, and they
wish not to say it in vain.  They also want to keep away the sin of saying it in vain.
So they do not say it or spell it out fully.  Yet, they do have other names to call
YVHV (Pronounced Ya-Way) is the only proper “name of God” in the Tanakh.
Even though the following words do not “mean” God, but they are titles for God.        

Elohim” means “G-d or authority”;
 “El” means “Mighty one”;
“Shaddai” means “Mighty”;
“Adonai” means “Master”;
“Elyon” means “Most High”;
“Avinu” means “Our Father”, etc.

Other names that are not listed may be also used.