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Really Interesting, Yet Fun-Fun Facts

This is the flag of Israel, containing the Star of David
*Jews Believe that each life is a gift from God and should be lived according to G-d's Ten Commandments.

* 8 days after a baby is born, a ceremony is held, call the Brit Milah where the baby's placed in Elija's chair.  Elija is the protector of all children . 

There are about 5 million Jews in the world.

Judaism arose during the Bronze age from about 4000 BCE to 3000 BCE.

* According to the Jewish law, anyone who is born of a Jewish mother, counts as a Jew no matter what.

* In the jewish Tradition, Abraham was the first of the three men called Patriarchs, or Fathers of Judaism.

* In 587 BCE , Judah was overrun by the babylonians and King Solomon's temple was destroyed.

*The Romans Outlawed the Jewish education and killed many Jews who tried to teach.

* After King King Solemon's death, the Jews split in two,Israel in the north and Judah to the south.

* Many Jews learn to read ancient Hebrew the language of the Torah.

* The bible teaches Jews that there is an afterlife and when a person dies his/her soul survivs in the sheol, a place of darkness and shadows.

* The Jewish people value the first part of the bible,the Torah, very highly. The books that make up the Torah are a mixture of Jewish history and laws.

* In a Jewish community a Rabbi is well respected because he or she is highly trained in the Torah as in Jewish law and tradition.

* Abraham is a partriarch who was the first to believe in one God instead of many gods or idols. He was given the promise by god that his descendents would inherit the land of Israel.

This is the Wailing Wall, or also known as the Western Wall. This is the remains of the Temple of Solomon